Electronics banned on inbound flights from Middle Eastern and African Flights

22 March 2017 admin Leave a comment Travel Tips & Advice

Airlines that fly in from some countries in Africa and the Middle East will soon require passengers to check in all electronic equipment, rather than carry it on board with them.

Administration officials in the US say this will cover any device which is a cell phone (mobile phone) or larger such as Tablets, cameras, portable DVD players, electronic gaming devices and Laptops. All of these will have to be checked as baggage.

There hasn’t been much explanation as of yet, however this is likely due to concerns over attacks via electronics.

U.S. airlines will not be affected because they do not fly directly from the countries in question.

So far Royal Jordanian Airlines has been the only carrier officially listed as affected by this change.
It will ban most electronics carried on its flights to and from its North American destinations.

The Royal Jordanian Airlines travels to New York‘s JFK Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, as well as Detroit and Montreal.

Further updates will be announced soon.


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