27 October 2016 admin Comments Off on Clowns Travel Warnings

The clown underworld (apparently there was such a thing) has decided to put themselves in the spotlight for a while. There have been reports of people being randomly terrorized and intimidated by clowns in the street. Residents have captured creepy clown sightings on their phones across more than 20 states. The issue has even made […]

Seattle Storm

17 October 2016 admin Comments Off on Seattle Storm Travel Warnings

A large storm recently formed off the coast of Washington. More than 20,000 homes in the Seattle area were left without power and downed trees were reported across the region however the damage was not as bad as originally forecast. More intense storms are predicted to hit the region in America’s Fall season.

Boston Freedom Trail

5 October 2016 admin Comments Off on Boston Freedom Trail Travel Tips & Advice

The Freedom Trail, located in Boston, is a 4-kilometer trail passing 17 locations important to the history of the United States of America through downtown Boston. The trail is led by a red brick line. The stops include buildings, churches locations and other important structures. The locations on the Freedom Trail are as follows: Boston […]

The National Natural History Museum

4 October 2016 admin Comments Off on The National Natural History Museum Travel Tips & Advice

The third most visited museum in the world, The National Natural History Museum in National Mall, Washington DC is open 364 days a year and includes specimens, artifacts, animals, plants, early human history, dinosaurs and geological findings. It is the most visited museum in North America and employs over 1000 staff. Opened in 1910, the […]