Shooting of Sikh Man in Seattle

9 March 2017 admin Comments Off on Shooting of Sikh Man in Seattle Travel Warnings

A gun man in the U.S. has shot a Sikh man in the arm yelling “go back to your own country.”

The gun man was a complete stranger, and has not been caught. He is white, about 6 foot tall and of a stocky build.

FBI and other law enforcement agencies are still investigating.

The incident is being treated as a possible hate crime.

This creates a climate of hate in the area and we would like to advise all foreign visitors, especially those of obvious Sikh origin to exercise caution in this area of the U.S. and all states.

Sometimes Americans can confuse Sikhs for Muslims because of their headwear. This trend has increased because of recent terror attacks such as the Orlando shooting.

Only weeks a go and Indian man was gunned down in a Kansas bar by a man shouting racist slurs.

There has been an increase in hate crimes since Donald Trump’s election victory.


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